Moissanite Diamond Alternative

Moissanite Diamond Alternative

Diamond alternatives have for most of the time gotten the bad end of the stick. For example, when someone thinks of a Cubic Zirconia engagement ring, negative associations often come to mind.

Most of the time, people think of a couple that cant afford a diamond so they “settle” for Cubic Zirconia. They feel sad about it but someday the groom promises to “upgrade it to a real diamond, but only when they have the money.” This conversation may or may not happen in a in a retail jewellery store.

We’re actually just pulling your leg 🙂

My point is that Moissanite is definitely not Cubic Zirconia. A couple doesn’t necessarily choose a Moissanite because they don’t have the money to buy a real diamond. Neither are they necessarily planning on upgrading it to something else, someday either.

Moissanite is your choice. You’re not settling at all.

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Moissanite Diamond Alternative

With the choice of Moissanite available to you, as a high quality and conflict-free Diamond alternative, couples no longer need to purchase an overpriced engagement ring if they don’t want to. Depending on your values, you might want to prioritise that spending on something that brings more value to you. Maybe you want to opt to allocate your savings on a dream honeymoon, a deposit on a home, or boost your savings. And of course, some couples just don’t care if their engagement ring is not a Diamond. It’s really a matter of choice.

Moissanite is Budget-Friendly

When compared to diamonds, moissanites are much more kinder to your budget. If you want the look of a larger stone but don’t have the budget for it, then moissanite is a great option for getting that maxed out bling look without maxing out your budget However, moissanite is not cheap. It’s still a gemstone in its own right and has a high quality and durability, so don’t expect to be paying CZ prices.

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