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Say it simply… with sparkles! She will adore this dazzling moissanite solitaire ring. Handcrafted to perfection in luxurious 9ct white gold, this spectacular ring boasts one shimmering 1ct princess cut moissanite resting in an elegant four claw setting. Watch her eyes light up as you open the box.


1.25ct Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring set in a 1.5mm 9ct rose gold skinny bad and it can be customized in any way, we can replace the stone with a bigger or smaller stone or change the metal to rose gold, white gold or platinum


Pure elegance… This stunning moissanite solitaire ring from our engagement ring collection is carefully crafted from luxurious 9ct white gold. This sparkling ring features one impressive 1.5ct pear cut moissanite. It has rectangular 3 claw setting with smaller moissanites set on the sides of the base. You will sparkle from every angle in this beauty.


The alluring brilliance given off by this rose gold round moissanite solitaire ring makes it an truly fascinating piece of jewelry. Set in a four-prong setting, the dazzling round moissanite mesmerize without much effort. This ring can be customize for any size round stone, inquire us for custom options.

Watch video of this ring here


Promise rings are gaining popularity among couples that may not feel the need to put a label on their relationship or stick to a timetable.


A simple and dainty pear solitaire moissanite ring featuring four prongs that adorn a thin 1.7mm band that is durable enough for everyday wear yet beautifully delicate.


This dazzling design features a gorgeous floral setting ‘sprouting’ from the centre of the approx 1.8mm wide gold or platinum shank. A center 2ct moissanite sits in a solitaire design, with beautifully modelled 4 claw settings making this one of the most endearing engagement rings flower designs.


This 2ct oval moissanite engagement ring features a petite 1.5mm wide band with a 4-claw setting featuring a 2ct oval center stone set in 9ct rose gold, white gold or yellow gold



Elegant, timeless and ever so classic, this 3.5ct Oval Solitaire Moissanite Ring design features a moissanite set in 4 claws, placing all the emphasis on the magnificence of the oval center stone.


3.5ct Round Moissanite Engagement Ring beautifully set in 9ct yellow gold, in a dainty 6-prong setting, with sharpened claws and added cathedral, all set in an 18k yellow gold setting.

This ring has clean lines and a 1.5mm band, and it can be customized in any way, we can replace the stone with a bigger or smaller stone or change the metal to rose gold, white gold or platinum


This stunning classic moissanite four prong cathedral solitaire engagement ring features an imposing 3ct brilliant round near colourless moissnaite.

Band is approx. 2.5mm x 2.3mm at base

Top dimensions 6.3mm x 2.4mm x 1.7mm



A stunning princess 3ct oval moissanite set in a classic 4-prong setting. Such a great engagement ring for the girl that wants an elegant, timeless and classic engagement ring, this dainty band adds to the classic solitaire style of this ring.