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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – so they say. And for sure, diamonds are delightful, exquisite and the epitome of luxury. However when it comes to your pocket and budget – Moissanite comes in first place every time. Budget is definitely one of the biggest reasons to choose Moissanite over anything else.

But why is Moissanite increasing in popularity and why should it be your first choice whenever you think of engagement rings? 

There are many, but we will be looking at at least 5 reasons to choose Moissanite over diamonds in this particular article. 

Let it shine

Moissanite has an amazing brilliance about it. The way it absorbs and reflects light is much greater than with a diamond and so this is a big draw card when people are looking at the right ring to choose. After all, we love to show off that big rock, why not let it make you shine as well. 

Why Moissanite

As we mentioned in the beginning, Moissanite is growing in popularity and the reasons are plenty, but some of the main ones that we believe are selling points are listed below. 

If you have a Moissanite ring, why did you choose it? Are any of the reasons on the list? 

The advantages of Moissanite

DURABILITY – If you are going to be investing in a piece of jewelry such as an engagement or wedding ring, you want something that will last long and stay gorgeous for as many years as possible. That is one of the big advantages of Moissanite.

They are gems that are sturdy and strong and can withstand abrasion and take a little abuse without looking terrible. You can also be assured that it will not chip or break anytime soon. It also maintains its shine for much longer – in fact, you could say it shines forever. Some gemstones need lots of care to stay shiny and beautiful – but not Moissanite. 

AFFORDABILITY – This is probably one of the biggest advantages when it comes to Moissanite. A diamond’s cost is determined by the carat, clarity, cut and colour whereas a Moissanite is determined by size and type. A diamond could fetch up to 10 times more in price than a Moissanite gem. 

SHAPES – Diamonds are very simple in their shape but Moissanite, because it is a manufactured gem, can be made into many more shapes. These include:

  • Round
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Marquis
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Square
  • Cushion

LASTS A LIFETIME – Or at least almost just as long as a diamond in some instances. Moissanite is very hard and durable and therefore can last for a substantial amount of time and never lose its shine. Now that is a worthwhile investment. 

GUILT FREE LUXURY – This is the more human side of the Moissanite gem. You may be familiar with the term “conflict diamonds” – these are diamonds mined in conflict and this is usually done in African mines and the money derived from these diamonds is used to actually fund civil wars within the region. This is extremely unethical and in extreme violation of human rights.

Although many diamond companies claim to be ethical, they have still come under fire due to untoward business. When you invest in moissanite you can be sure that you have guilt-free luxury at your fingertips – or on your finger for that matter. They are grown in a laboratory under fair conditions and the process is overseen by top scientists.

Time to invest? Browse our selection

Now that you know the advantages to getting your hands on a moissanite ring perhaps you can take a look through our extensive catalog. You can get in touch with us and let us know what your dream engagement or wedding ring looks like and we can custom make your moissanite beauty for you.

Remember we do not only do engagement rings, but we have many more moissanite options for you. We also do a range of moissanite jewellery like moissanite earrings, moissanite bracelets as well as moissanite necklaces and pendants.

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Reasons to Choose Moissanite

Reasons to choose moissanite

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